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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2021 #16

The movers are coming! And, what's this? ANOTHER poster post? What??? I know. I know. I do not have time for this, but here we are anyway. I've got another box to pack. If you'll excuse me, I'll let you wander through today's poster show on your own... FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 3D (3D Glasses) : I saw this flick TWICE when it came out in 1983 and kept both pair of glasses. Have I seen them while going through boxes and stuff for my move? Nope! I ran out of time--with many boxes left yet to be explored (Man, I've got a LOT of crap!)--and just went ahead and bought this pair when they showed up on eBay. I can always resell them later, I am sure. I've seen lots of other pairs of supposed authentic 3D glasses for this film come and go. The red and blue lenses were NOT the ones from the original release. (I'm old . I was there . I know .) These, with the lame doodle of Jason's arm stabbing a poker (presumably through the viewer's right eye!?!) are what
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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2021 #15

Greetings! And welcome back to the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show! My stars! The clock is ticking on my upcoming move--and what do I do? Buy MORE posters! UGH! Here then, quickly, is a look at what I picked up in my last days left in California. It's not much, but... HERE it is: VILLAGE PEOPLE - RENAISSANCE (Album promotional poster ): Ha! Ha! Ha! I just have to laugh. On a Sunday evening, after an exhausting, full day of packing for my move, I got an invoice from Movie Poster Exchange. Of all of the things I had bid on, the ONLY poster I had won was this crazy craptastic Village People poster for the promotion of their (forgotten) album RENAISSANCE. So why would I bid on this? Well, just look at it. Too funny. It's no secret I like trash. I came to "discover" (if that is the right term) the Village People LONG after they were off of anyone's radar. They were just too campy and unintentionally funny not to dig them. Their RENAISSANCE album (which I bought, like all of

The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2021 #14

  Welcome back...but wasn't it just, like, yesterday that we were here last? Yep. It was... That's what you get for blindly bidding on a bunch o' stuff on Sunday night auctions...and then returning to see that you've "won" a bunch. Oops! So, let's get on with today's post. I have so much to do. I'm packing, the house is a mess, I have company coming (!!!) and am expecting a plumber. O' the joy... (NOT!)  STAR WARS (Special Edition trilogy re-release) : Didn't I just add this to the previous post? Uh, well, yes... sort of. Oops! I ended up winning two of nearly the same poster. The only difference I can see is that this one gives dates for the releases. The other one had no dates mentioned. Snore. STAR WARS (Special Edition rerelease) : Boy, I guess the Special Edition rereleases really are not fan favorites. I was totally expecting to be outbid. I wasn't. Oops... WILD GUITAR (Alternative day-glo style) : Oh my! Such HIDEOUS art! I l