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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2020 #23

  Well, well, well....less than 24 hours later, I am B-A-C-K! I threatened, er...TOLD you I had several more posters ready to slap togeth, carefully craft into fascinating and compelling post. It's mostly crap (which has become my hallmark, of late. Hmm...), but there are a few nice tidbits. (Or not.) Take a look or run away now!!!! YOURS, MINE, AND OURS: This isn't the usual type of poster I'd go for. It's for a film starring Lucille Ball and I thought I'd seen this going crazy high before. Perhaps I am wrong? I bid a small amount and got this crazy low. Hmm. It's not the best poster ever...and what is that central shape? It looks like hips or a wide butt...but I think it is just supposed to be demonstrating that the "OURS" portion is busting at the seams? Whatever... I've seen the movie and it is okay. It's success gave the already-written BRADY BUNCH TV series the green light to be made. The only thing about the movie that I actually r
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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2020 #22

It's been about 2 1/2 months since my last post and...I am B-A-C-K! EEEEK! I was so not planning on returning---for a long, long while. I'm supposed to be packing my posters away for a move to Washington state in the spring---NOT buying more. But, a little purchase now and again isn't going to hurt. Right? Uh.... Most of the posters in this edition of the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show are not that exciting (and many are repeats), but it's better than now show at all (Or is it?). Let's just take a look and leave judgement until the end, shall we? THE NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD: I have one of these already. However, the copy I have is stained and in fairly lame shape. The poster is not that exciting---but when I bought my original copy, I bought such a poor-quality poster because I had never seen one before. I got this one to upgrade that one. I'll still never display this. It's not even a zombie flick (despite the Romero zombie-esque title). It's a vampire film

The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2020 #21

Hello! Welcome back to a most unexpected new edition of the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show! Why unexpected? Because I wasn't going to buy any posters for a while due to an upcoming move. However, against my better judgement, I bought another poster "lot". Most of the posters were crap (and I WILL spare you those). I was after one specific poster, of course...and got the other (mostly) trash just for that one title. In addition, since I got the lot, I picked up a couple of other things (since I knew I'd now need to pull a post together). What that means is---oh JOY!--only 8 of these posters (instead of all 10) are from the lot. So don't expect to be blown away (at all)! While I'm at it, another post of projects I've been working on has been sitting idle for a long, long while. I've decided to tack it on at the bottom of this post. I'll explain why I added it when we get there. Okay---let's get into this thing and get it over with: JOY