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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2022 #5--NOT Dead Yet

Greetings! The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show is b-a-c-k!!! This time, the posters aren't so great. It's a series of posters for B- (and/or Z-) movies! Yes, it's total trash-o-rama time, a bargain-basement bonanza. (In other words--CHEAP thrills, emphasis on the word "cheap".) O' the horror! Let's take a look... TIME TRACKERS (Video) : I have no idea what this movie is--but judging from the art, it's some time travel comedy. Actually, I don't even remember where or why I got this. I can guess that it was CHEAP though. (I'm all about the cheap these days...) WITCHCRAFT (Video) : A few months back, I scored (if you can call it that) a poster for, I think, WITCHCRAFT III. I have NEVER seen the WITCHCRAFT movies, all ( I believe) were direct-to-video erotic-horror cheapies. (I just looked it up. As of this writing, there are 16 in the series! WHY?) While it might be fun to track the actual flicks down and give them a watch some day (or NOT), when this f
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The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2022 #4--Just when you thought...

And...the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show is B-A-C-K! It's been about three months since my last post --- which I totally thought was going to be my final post. I have been occupying my time with a new/old hobby. Years ago (mid-80s -early 2000s) I started doing something on my own that I later found out was a thing called "mail art". Earlier this spring, I "rediscovered" it. Although my hands are starting to be affected by my neuro-muscular disease and I am planning on re-retiring from the hobby very soon, I have been making envelopes to send to friends. Who cares, right? Why mention it here? Because, as a movie poster lover/addict all of my life, most of my envelopes are designed to look like mini, horizontal movie posters for fake (mostly horror) movies. "THE HOUSE ON CEMETERY HILL" and "SLUMBER PARTY EXORCISM" are just some of the titles. If I can't BUY the posters I want--I can always make up my own, right? If you want a peek at my envelopes

The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2022 #3--the LAST one?

                                 Not that anyone has noticed my absence of late, but the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show has come to a close. What, you say? How can this be? I've come up against so much in the last few years. My neuro-muscular disease is incurable and unstoppable and degenerative. That's the main thing robbing me of my fun and my passions. Now that social security has officially deemed me "disabled" I can just sit back and collect the checks. Is that what you are thinking? Those monthly checks are, for some reason, almost nothing. Yep, somehow I am supposed to live on less than $700 a month. Crazy, huh? I've worked hard all my life, get a disease and am screwed the rest of my days. But while I live out my bad TV Movie of the Week life (Tonight, a nice man gets a mysterious neuro-muscular disease and his life slowly starts falling apart [all before the first commercial] before dying in the final act!), it looks like I've gotta close down the show. It&