The Shock-O-Rama Poster Show 2021 #6

Welcome back to the Shock-O-Rama Poster Show!  It's April 15th, a special day around here... It's my (Gasp!) birthday. Because of that, this is a big blow out celebration. Instead of a mere 10 posters (as per my usual posts), this is everything I've gotten since my last post in March. (Yes, there's the usual junk/crap ...but also some not-so-bad and some pretty nifty stuff as well.) Now, without further ado, let's let the party begin! GIRLS NITE OUT  (25x38) :   Wow! One of the more obscure 80s slasher posters fell into my lap. This one measures 25x38, but it hasn't been trimmed, nor is it a video poster. There actually was a 27x41 poster printed (also very elusive) with different art (just some girls fleeing in terror on a dull white background). Neither poster is that interesting (but this one---with the photo and the letter beneath it--is the better of the two), but I am glad to have one. WENDY (Advance) : I had never heard of this movie (but have since loo
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